About us

Dr. Andreas Duller

is part of the Regionmarketing Carinthia team since June 2020. After completing his doctorate at the University of Klagenfurt, he was responsible for the project management of the Nockberge National Park. In 2011, he took over a position at the regional management of Central Carinthia, in which he focused on regional development. In the last few years, he took over the management of the regional and tourism management of Central Carinthia. The challenging activities in these functions shaped his experience in building networks, collaborations, cross-border EU projects and the extensive funding framework.

Mag. Simon Pöpperl

is part of the Regionmarketing Carinthia team since June 2020. After studying communication science in Klagenfurt and spending time abroad in Italy, the native-born German moved to Slovenia. In the past 10 years, he established the “German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce” in various management functions, as part of the global network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad. He combines a wide range of international experience in the field of location marketing, networks, investor support, trade fairs and business delegations as well as cross-border projects.

Mag. Natascha Batic

With a track record in international corporate and regulatory affairs in the field of telecommunications, automotive and the energy industry, Natascha is responsible for external communications. After studying journalism in Vienna and the USA, Natascha volunteered at the IAEO and worked as a freelance author for the UNESCO Courier in Paris. With a post graduate degree in international relations, she also had the chance to share her passion for intercultural communications with students of the media management department, while working as a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten.

Mag. Astrid Kircher-Yu

is responsible for the Carinthian Welcome Center and supports the team of the Regionmarketing Carinthia with the (visual) communication. After studying in Klagenfurt and the USA, she worked as an editorial staff and language trainer. After several years in PR and marketing at the University of Klagenfurt, she specialized in the implementation and management of EU projects in the areas of settlement and technology. This experience distinguishes her as a reference when it comes to a (new) start in Carinthia.