Unleashing innovation: "Important Project of Common European Interest" (IPCEI)

EU-Commission approves €146.5 million Austrian support in favour of three companies joining research and innovation project in microelectronics. Among them: Infineon Austria in Carinthia.

The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, €146.5 million in Austrian support in favour of three companies joining the existing Important Project of Common European Interest (‘IPCEI') in microelectronics approved by the Commission in 2018. The public funding is expected to unlock an additional €530 million of private investments, i.e. more than three and a half times the public support, according to the EU Commission.

In December 2020, Austria notified to the Commission its plans to join the 2018 IPCEI Microelectronics, by providing €146.5 million of public support to three companies: Infineon Austria, AT&S Austria and NXP Semiconductors Austria.

The companies will focus in particular on the areas of security, energy efficiency, and integration of packaging technologies for microelectronics. In its press release, the Commission pointed to the "significant value".

Fotocredits: Micheile Henderson / unsplash