Economic growth in the industrial sector: Carinthia grew the most

The economists at Bank Austria recently published the results of the federal state analysis, which are very interesting in relation to the past two difficult years.

After the significant drop in 2020, Carinthia returned to growth in the previous year. The most important driving force was the industry, which grew the most in Austria.

The report shows that Carinthia had the highest production growth of all countries in the previous year due to the particularly stable electronics industry. Because the service sector was also stronger than in other federal states, Carinthian GDP growth in 2021 was 5.8 percent and thus significantly above the national average, which was 4.8 percent.

Carinthia is one of the European hotspots of the microelectronics industry, or rather: Electronic Based Systems (EBS) - the hidden heroes of the electrical and electronics industry. Companies with a big  focus on research, the cooperation with technology parks, universities and technical colleges: This constellation drives innovation and makes Carinthia an excellently networked, internationally attractive business location.

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