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Study in Carinthia.

High-ranking and future-oriented study programs, individual approach, and internship opportunities are some of the advantages of studying in Carinthia, which open you the door for your chosen career path. Find out more.

Studying first-class

Forget about overcrowded classrooms, where students are mere numbers to their professors. In Carinthia lectures take place in small groups, with the focus on one-on-one work with your professors in order for everyone to develop their potential to the fullest.

Rich in opportunities

Carinthia is a great business and technology location. Tight cooperation with numerous companies not only ensures the practical relevance of study programs,but also lays the foundations for future careers of many students.

  • A very organised university with many possibilities. Possibility of master studies as well as various additional educations. The quality of knowledge transfer to students is excellent.

    Rich in opportunities, ein junger, lächelnder Herr
    Student of University

Grants & Scholarships

EU/EEA nationals need not to pay tuition fees, however tuition fees in Carinthia are among the lowest in the EU. They also offer scholarship programs for native and international students.

  • A good University, cheaper than other big cities, and the lake is awesome.

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Find your program

Eingang der University of Klagenfurt
Daniel Waschnig; Universität Klagenfurt

Studying at the meeting point of three cultures: University of Klagenfurt

Carinthia’s largest academic institution represents an educational hub for the whole Alps-Adriatic region in terms of knowledge acquisition, exchange and transfer. The university’s lively, diverse atmosphere and sense of openness makes it the cultural centre of the broader region. It is one of the few campus universities in Austria, with the campus offering its residents numerous activities. The University Sports Institute, the University Cultural Centre, and the Lakeside Science & Technology Park will make sure you achieve the perfect balance between study and relaxation. Find out more about us!

Eye-cathing bachelor’s degree programmes:

Eingang der Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, Fachhochschule Kärnten
Carinthian University of Applied Sciences; University of Applied Sciences

Studying in tune with the times: Carinthian University of Applied Sciences

The Carinthian University of Applied Sciences has developed into a unique educational institution in this part of Europe. By constantly developing their degree programs and cooperating with the business and science sphere, they assure their students receive a progressive education with its finger on the pulse of time. The university makes sure that the quality of education is guaranteed through the development of innovative teaching and learning methods. Degree programs are offered in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, engineering, as well as management, healthcare and social issues. More about our university.

Eye-catching bachelor’s degree programmes:

Gebäude der Gustav Mahler Private University for Music
GMPU-Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität für Musik

Austria’s youngest university for music: Gustav Mahler Private University for Music

Based on a one-hundred-year musical training tradition at the highest level, the Gustav Mahler Private University for Music represents an extremely popular university for local and international students. With over half of the student population coming from abroad, it assures that every student feels at home and enables them to achieve a higher level of mobility and exchange of experience across borders. The Gustav Mahler Private University of Music offers two fields of study: a bachelor's or master's degree in the course "Instrumental and Vocal Education" and a bachelor's or master's degree in the course "Musical Performance Art". Check us out!

Eye-catching study programmes:

Your study application is around the corner! In order for you to make this important decision more lightly the University of Klagenfurt, the University of Applied Sciences Klagenfurt, and the Gustav Mahler Private University for Music are organizing various info sessions. 

You can find all the information regarding the info sessions on the links bellow:

University of Klagenfurt:

University of Applied Sciences Klagenfurt:

Gustav Mahler Private University for Music:

Business and research opportunities

The 100-million people strong German speaking market offers countless opportunities for the development of your professional career. In Villach and Klagenfurt, technology parks are directly connected to schools and researchers. For example, students of technology schools work on real projects, work closely with companies and therefore usually have a job after graduation. Certain companies even fund universities, and reward the most successful students with scholarships. In this way, companies take care of their future by attracting highly qualified people.

If you choose one out of the many fields of study that are available exclusively in Carinthia, your future will surely be bright. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Potential company scholarships.
  • “Study & work” programmes – great opportunity to meet future employers.
  • Great job opportunities after graduation.
  • Great potential entrance into the German speaking labour market.

A high quality of life in Carinthia

Carinthia is a high-tech location where innovative flagship projects, new opportunities and a first-rate living environment await. Carinthia is cheaper to live in than most other places. A comparison of the cost of living shows: Life in Austria has a lot to offer and remains affordable.

  • Try it and you will not regret it. A city in the heart of Europe, with many possibilities. For an hour in Ljubljana, Venice, Graz and most importantly, people are very generous.

    Studying first class, ein junger lächelnder Mann
    Student of University